Saturday, July 21, 2012

three months underground on the high rise.

As part of the Corridors exhibition, Michael O'Dwyer presented a sound-work titled, 'three months underground on the high rise.'
The work is a collection of field recordings and (found) piano; treated by the acoustics of the underground.  Many of the sounds heard were recorded and played back into the underground studio in a cyclic process to eccentuate the sites echo.  This process was fused together with digital manipulation.
The piece tells a personal story of O'Dwyer's experiences on the estate.  'Twas fun.

The sound-work can be heard by clicking the following link:

...what the kids thought..

The exhibition was great; thanks to all that came!

After a three-day bump-in the 12,000$ artists collective had everything in place, transforming the underground with a display of artworks made throughout their residency.

Thanks to Mayor of the City of Yarra, Cr Geoff Barbour, for attending alongside many other local residents, friends, colleagues and family.  

The event was well attended considering the winter chill.  The beautiful food made by Cultural Catering combined with fresh chai and popcorn made all the difference.  Nothing beats those hand-made Timorese Tarts.

Special thanks to the Yarra Men's Shed, as well as Belgium Ave and Collingwood Neighborhood Houses for the extra extension leads, temporary walls and doing all you could do to get us over the line in time.  We did it!

Also a big thanks to Sunny Qui for getting everyone's chi flowing (and making us laugh) with his wonderful Yu Ling workshop.

Below are images of what was a grand event.   Enjoy!  Thanks to Sue Kent for many of these images.

Teresa Lane's jewellery installation.

Local resident, Lisa, serving up fresh hot chai.  Thanks Lisa!

Taking in the sounds from Michael O'Dwyer's soundworks; constructed from a disused piano found at the underground.

Pixi Mix's stop animation and childrens stencils.

speeches and sunny!

michael o'dwyer's paste ups.  Photos taken from the same window at every level of the high rise.

....and his durational film works...

....And many other good moments..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Give Me Collingwood!!!!!!!!

Collingwood has style and here it is! Melbourne artist Teresa Lane shows you the best of the most dynamic and socially diverse hotspot of Melbourne, Australia. 

Check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

grounding on the highrise - durational film works

Grounding on the high rise - Durational film works.

Collingwood High Rise Estate is an easily immersive environment; whether you rise or fall.
For 3-months I was slowly swept up in its richness, insights and authenticity.  Preconceived ideas could have blocked the sight of the estates gifts; togetherness in what's perceived as falling apart; warmth in what's assumed cold and feared.

Most morning and afternoon, I would  capture the same moving image of the estate from Platform 1 of Victoria Park train station.  An opportunity to find a common ground with a place that I'm not from.  The light shifted, painting people's homes in infinite portrait, with rising sunlit hue.  Everyone likes a sunrise.

Below are images taken from one of many durational filmworks.

Standing, smoking cigarettes; appreciating  the block.  I think on some level we get each other.